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adaptiQ® tray with TopLine vials



Sterilized vials in tray for easy integration into existing filling processes

adaptiQ® tray includes SCHOTT TopLine vials made of the gold-standard SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass. They are washed and packaged in a clean environment and sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Tight dimensional control and immaculate surfaces on adaptiQ® vials make fill-and-finish processes easier for our customers. 100% camera inspection ensures the continuous quality of SCHOTT TopLine vials.

The tray packaging allows a simple integration into existing filling processes, including traditional as well as manual filling. As a key part of the SCHOTT iQ® platform, adaptiQ® tray ensures filling line compatibility with over 50 machine types.


  • Ready-to-use sterilized TopLine vials
  • Made with SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass
  • Industry-leading low particle levels
  • Maximum compatibility with new and existing filling lines
  • Fully scalable from R&D to commercial filling


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