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adaptiQ® cup nest with SCHOTT Type I plus® vial



Sterilized vials in cup nest for sensitive drug formulations

Made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass, with quartz-like coating. adaptiQ® SCHOTT Type I plus® vials are sterilized with ethylene oxide after they have been washed and packaged in a clean room environment.

SCHOTT Type I plus® vials employ a silicon dioxide coating to create a functional barrier. It reduces the amount of leachables from the glass and minimizes protein adsorption, also for radiopharmaceuticals. Thus, improving shelf life of sensitive drugs and make them ideal for a range of applications.

As part of the SCHOTT iQ® platform, the adaptiQ® cup nest is strictly standardized and therefore compatible with different filling machines. adaptiQ® with SCHOTT Type I plus® vials in cu nest from SCHOTT Pharma is the perfect fit for filling all kind of drugs. The adaptiQ® cup nest enables the separation of all containers within the packaging eliminating the risk of glass-to-glass contact.


  • Ready-to-use sterilized SCHOTT Type I plus® vials
  • Made of SCHOTT FIOLAX® clear glass
  • Industry-leading low particle levels
  • Minimized drug-container interaction
  • Maximum compatibility with new and existing filling lines
  • Fully scalable from R&D to commercial filling
  • Designed for nested processing


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