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syriQ BioPure®



Glass syringes for sensitive drugs

Sensitive drugs such as biologics may interact with the container system. These interactions are unpredictable and can lead to aggregation or deterioration, which can compromise the drug’s shelf life, treatment efficiency, and total cost of ownership.

SCHOTT syriQ BioPure® handles these complex drugs with safety and functionality. The manufacturing process of syriQ BioPure® is designed to reduce the amount of tungsten and adhesive residues, as well as ensure a uniform silicone layer. With high dimensional accuracy, tighter tolerances and other dimensions beyond ISO requirements, device compatibility has been tested and verified with the leading autoinjector and safety device platforms.


  • Low levels of Extractables & Leachables.
  • Reduced silicone levels.
  • The syriQ BioPure® platform is available in 1 ml long and 2.25 ml formats.
  • Ultra-low tungsten residuals (ICP-MS certificate available).
  • A comprehensive documentation package, including design control and a detailed Certificate of Analysis, is available.


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